Video Clip

Hot Cheetos & Takis

This song has our kids dancing around. This is video is pretty much true of our life. Though the kids told me that Hot Cheetos are banned from the school because of the red finger thing.

Dang, so delicious.

If you were to make a video of your favorite snack, what would it be about? 

Garden technology

Watering the Garden from the Perspective of the Hose

Melinda’s Ohio garden is banging! What a fun perspective on caring for the harvest.

Who knew the GoPro could be used in the garden?

ht to Tom on editing & Melinda on watering.

hmm... thoughts

14 Must-Have Gadgets for the Geek in Your Life


Here’s a link to my 2012 list

Let’s face it. For many of my readers I am the geek in their life.

I’m the nerdy friend you tell your IT guy about when you don’t know what else to talk about because you want to talk about the latest political news about Herman Cain or what happened on SNL and all he is knowledgeable about is Leo Laporte’s ugly shirt in his last episode of This Week in Tech.

You don’t even know who Leo Laporte is. And that’s OK.

So what do geeks want for Christmas? What are the things that will make us shout “sleigh ride” on December 25th? I’m glad you asked. Here’s my list of 14 geek toys that I will happily tweet about when the UPS man drops them off.

For super smooth panning on my YouTube videos…

buy the Camera Table Dolly for Adam at the Photojojo Store!

For capturing my every moment of adventure…

buy the GoPro Camera HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition for Adam at

So I look cool at the water cooler…

buy the Fail Whale Coffee Mug for Adam at Zazzle

For making me look just a little bit thug on the trolley…

buy the Custom Comic Headphones for Adam at Etsy

So I don’t get lost finding a coffee shop on my bike…

buy the Perfect Fit Handlebar Mount for iPhone 4 for Adam at

For keeping my desk organized…

buy the Metal Cordies for Adam at Quirky

For posting the perfect fish eye Instagram…

buy the The iPhone Lens Dial for Adam at the Photojojo Store!

For making stop motion movies of my web design process…

buy the Neewer shutter release for Canon DSLRs for Adam at

For getting that nod at the bar from fellow addicts…

buy the Angry Birds Triple Threat t-shirt for Adam from

For making people smile more than making them jealous…

buy the iPad Cover Made from a Real Book for Adam from Etsy

So I’m using space wisely and keeping my USB options open…

buy the Space Bar for Adam at Quirky

For tweeting while walking and keeping the digits toasty…

buy Texting Friendly Gloves for Adam at Etsy

For street-level citizen journalism at Occupy San Diego…

buy the Groundbot for Adam at Rotundus

For sharing time with Kristen that’s better than updating my status…

buy the Rocking Chair for Two for Adam at Sway

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment with a link, maybe I’ll add it!

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hmm... thoughts

Seize the Moment

As I watched this short film I couldn’t help but think of this phrase: Seize the moment.

Andrew Clancy took his camera everywhere he went in New York for a year and captured the things going on around him. The result? A beautiful tapestry celebrating his year.

Memorable moments of beauty happen every day of your life. But often times we are walking through life focused on the next thing instead of seizing this day a sa beautiful gift.

Even the most mundane day can be viewed as art if curated. Are you curating your moments? 

Christian Living Video Clip

Make it Count

Dan Stevers, the video guy at our church, made this for church. You can buy this one here. ($15)

So powerful.


August Garden Tour & Today’s Harvest

A few minutes ago Kristen and I picked a ton of tomatoes, check out. 32 full-sized tomatoes and about 1.5 lbs of yellow cherries.

Can’t wait for those watermelons!

Church Leadership

Baptism Video

I love the joy on folks faces as they come out of the water! What’s not to celebrate about such a big step of faith?

One of the cool parts about being close to the ocean is that churches don’t need a baptismal. You can just tell everyone to meet you at the beach. 

Speaking of baptism… I guess I’m kind of famous for one I made about 4 years ago. It was one of those things that was a funny concept but I don’t think I’d do again.

I like the one from Journey this weekend a whole lot better.

How does your church celebrate baptism?


Video Tip: Consider the Background

Check out what happens at :37. My guess is that something happened or maybe the person filming the piece wanted to change up the subjects angle or the lighting was just a smidge better… but they caught a recycle bin in the background.

Drats. I hate it when that happens.

You can usually get away with shooting something on the odd side of an office building or even back by the loading docks. Just make sure you look at the whole shot.

Funny Stuff Video Clip

Danger: Texting While Walking in Front of Fountains at the Mall

This hit close to home for me. While I’m doing much better about texting while driving; texting while walking in malls is still a big problem for me.

hmm... thoughts Video Clip

My life in photo

Amazing the digital footprint we leave, isn’t it?

ht to William Hartz