Video Tip: Consider the Background

Check out what happens at :37. My guess is that something happened or maybe the person filming the piece wanted to change up the subjects angle or the lighting was just a smidge better… but they caught a recycle bin in the background.

Drats. I hate it when that happens.

You can usually get away with shooting something on the odd side of an office building or even back by the loading docks. Just make sure you look at the whole shot.





4 responses to “Video Tip: Consider the Background”

  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    I did a video for a commercial for the women’s retreat that my church is doing and I realized after I videotaped the first part that they was some stuff in the background that shouldn’t be there. We ended up reshooting that segment after removing the items. It is so important to examine he surroundings before you shoot.

  2. Jeffrey Dick Avatar

    Slow news day? Had to go to full screen and then pause to notice the bin. Which shows that I don’t do much with video.

    Like the shut up and drive – yeah, sometimes being quiet and go forward is a good thing.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      There is irony, too. She is explaining how important Twitter is to NASA…. While standing somewhere near garbage cans. Feels like mission control would have been a more convincing locale.

  3. Jason Avatar

    So, reading a blog from a guy I would consider a ‘computer dork’, I’m scouring the image trying to find a gray ‘recycle bin’ icon. If you hadn’t told me what that blue thing was, I wouldn’t have known. Do they have big blue recycle bins in Michigan?

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