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  • Youth Group in Russia

    Yeah, don’t even think about trying that in the States. Just curious how safe it is for all those people to be on a nice snowy roof!

  • Garden Birds

    As much as we like gardening, we also love the ancillary things that a garden attracts. One of those things is our hummingbirds. There are three birds living in a nearby tree. The male sits on his perch most of the day, observing the garden. Besides watching them feed from my morning writing spot– I […]

  • Time Lapse Video: Backyard Hummingbirds

    A few weeks ago we hung this little hummingbird feeder. We were amazed to discover that the hummingbirds (who nest in a tree in our backyard) discovered it within hours. Maybe it makes me sound old or stupid? But I don’t care. I love watching these amazing creatures in my backyard. And I love watching […]

  • Inverse Relationship Between Church Attendance and Business Models

    Yesterday Tim Schmoyer was kind enough to mention a recent blog post in his weekly round-up video. I thought some of the questions that the original post raised warranted a video response to Tim. What do you think? Is there anything to this inverse relationship between churches acting like businesses and a decline in attendance […]

  • How to Be Alone

    This was beautiful. I’m thankful I found it. I’m an introvert caught in an extroverts life. Fortunately, I’m married to a fellow introvert. And we dream about simple things… like taking vacations places where we can walk in silence and be alone. Where we are free to explore and discover. And where we take the […]

  • New Heights Project highlight video

    A few weeks ago I mentioned something our youth ministry does over the summer. We hire a group of high school students to run our children’s ministry outreach program. Here’s a highlight video they showed in church at the end of their experience. I’m so thankful for the impact these students had on our community! […]

  • An Orphan Cared For

    I think a lot of people question our involvement in Haiti. I’ve heard it over and over again, “We have so many problems here in our country. Let’s take care of our problems first.” Yada. Yada. Yada. We can’t turn a blind eye to the world because our backyard isn’t perfect. That rant aside. Stories […]

  • Garden Update: Success and Failure

    Note: This was my first iPhone movie. Stupid me didn’t use the HD end of the camera. Sorry about that! Here are a few more pictures I shot this evening.

  • The Volunteer

    I’m a big fan of this video. I think it turned out great. And I think its a great compliment to the first one we released a couple weeks back. The most loudest people in youth ministry tend to be the people who do it as a profession. But I think we’d all agree that […]

  • What is NYWC all about?

    I have the coolest job in youth ministry. I get to do what I love, connecting with youth workers around the world and I get paid for it! At the core of it this video demonstrates the 2 things I love most about working at YS. Tic lays out the heart of why we do […]