Time Lapse Video: Backyard Hummingbirds

A few weeks ago we hung this little hummingbird feeder. We were amazed to discover that the hummingbirds (who nest in a tree in our backyard) discovered it within hours.

Maybe it makes me sound old or stupid? But I don’t care. I love watching these amazing creatures in my backyard. And I love watching them up close when they are at the feeder.

So every few days we take it down and clean out the little bottle of sugar water, then mix up some more for them. It’s really fun! We can’t believe how tame they are. (You can get like 6 inches from them.) And it’s really cool when they come close or “buzz the tower.

This morning, I thought it would be fun to set up my camera to take time lapse pictures while we went to the farmers market. All told, we captured about 2 hours of pictures… one every 10 seconds. 665 frames.

The video above is the result.

The song, as you may recognize, is from Jars of Clay. It’s called The Long Fall. (click here to buy it on iTunes)



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3 responses to “Time Lapse Video: Backyard Hummingbirds”

  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    We had a hummingbird that hit our window once and knocked itself silly. Kimmy saw it and thought it was dead. She realized it was still alive and was able to hold it for a little while. She still talks about that to this day as one of the coolest experiences in her life.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      That is really cool. They won’t quite let us touch them.

      Kristen is now after me to capture a video of the parrots. There is a flock of about 10 of them that fly by our house in the morning and evening. They are loud… and pretty!

  2. Ruth Avatar

    You certainly do not sound old or silly watching hummingbirds they are amazing and unique creatures. The more you learn about them , the more intrigued you become.
    They are people friendly sometimes to the point of reminding us to fill our feeders.If you set out several feeders, you will get even more hummingbirds because they are territorial.
    Thanks for the enjoyable video.Our hummingbirds are gone for the winter.

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