Rat Battle

On the surface, our garden looks healthy. We have lots growing. There are lots of flowers. Things get fertilized. We have good soil. We have good irrigation. Good light, good soil, good seed. That’s a winning strategy in most gardens. You’d think we are doing quite well. You’d be wrong. This year we’ve lost the…… Continue reading Rat Battle

Native Soil

Why am I showing you a picture of dirt?  I’m showing you this dirt because I made it. It’s important to me. It’s no ordinary dirt. This dirt has a story to tell. As I’ve shared before, our family is on a journey transforming our yard, from something chemically controlled and non-native to something organic…… Continue reading Native Soil

The J.R. Organics Farm Tour

Three and a half years ago I got a CSA membership with J.R. Organics for Christmas. We’ve stuck with it and we’re glad we have. If you’re looking to eat healthier and want to develop a relationship between what you put in your mouth with the actual people who grow the food, a CSA is…… Continue reading The J.R. Organics Farm Tour

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