Category: Music

  • 2012 Music Mashup

    That’s one robust mash-up.  You can download the MP3 here. It’s got a good beat, might make a toe tap or two.

  • The New Crowder Album

    I had no idea this was coming. My little inner Crowder got all excited. I bought it straight away, such a fanboy. Here’s the link. Did you get it? What do you think? I’m listening to it for the first time. And I’ve got a big old smile. 

  • Bono is the man

    And the moral of the story is…. ht to Ed Noble

  • The new wedding video

    joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo. What is the world coming to? No seriously… this is pretty cool. I kind of wonder if they did the wedding bits for reals and then had everyone stay seated and redo a couple bits. It’s not too often you see a boom…

  • The Civil Wars: My Father’s Father

    I have a not-so-secret love affair with The Civil Wars. Their harmonies are chillingly beautiful. If I were a concert promoter I’d be booking these guys now. Their stock is on the rise.

  • Sick Puppies – Maybe

    When the generations prophets cry for change you have to ask yourself: Am I a catalyst for the change they are calling for or am I the object the catalysts are fighting against?

  • Time Lapse Video: Backyard Hummingbirds

    A few weeks ago we hung this little hummingbird feeder. We were amazed to discover that the hummingbirds (who nest in a tree in our backyard) discovered it within hours. Maybe it makes me sound old or stupid? But I don’t care. I love watching these amazing creatures in my backyard. And I love watching…

  • Firework by Katy Perry

    Gosh, I really love the message of this video. I want to encourage youth workers to watch this video twice. Watch it the first time with your adult glasses on. Get annoyed that there are fireworks shooting out of her chest or two boys kissing or even that a girl strips down and jumps in…

  • Google honors John Lennon

    One of the most fun jobs on the internet must be to be on the team that plays with Google’s logo. I love this little doodle. Maybe I’m in love with the style or maybe the music? All I know if this is just too cool. I want to be a dreamer, forever. ht to…

  • I like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

    Currently, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is top 10 on iTunes. It’s huge. And I am not ashamed to admit that when it pops up on my iTunes I listen to it 3-4 times in a row. While I’m sure most youth workers groan when they hear this song… I take a totally different perspective. I…