The new wedding video

joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo.

What is the world coming to?

No seriously… this is pretty cool. I kind of wonder if they did the wedding bits for reals and then had everyone stay seated and redo a couple bits. It’s not too often you see a boom camera used at a wedding. I like it!

And a nice use of the iPad on the front end there, too.

An idea for my friends Paul and Amy. This would be a nice little $50,000 upgrade to your package!

What do you think? Fun or tacky?






6 responses to “The new wedding video”

  1. Lars Rood Avatar

    Fake. But entertaining. By “fake” I mean a ton of work went onto that and it was way cool but they must have done a ton of shots

  2. Paula Herko Avatar
    Paula Herko

    What a fun idea… I love it! I would totally do that for the weddings I shoot if I had the team to pull it off 🙂

  3. Becky Avatar


  4. Ray Hausler Avatar

    I’m with Lars in that there had to have been a ton of takes, but I think in the end it is fun and awesome. I would have had more fun with doing takes with the entire crowd for video than the crazy amount of “takes” we take for posed wedding pics.

  5. Bill MacPhee Avatar
    Bill MacPhee

    Terranea Resort. I’ve officiated a wedding right there before. Stunning. I wonder if the pastor had time for the vows? Dirty bit. I like the black iPad better. A theology of ‘weddings’ is timely that takes into consideration joyful and crazy fun while at the same time acknowledging our drift from the sacred in the ceremony.

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Bill- cool detail on the location. I have a feeling that’s not a cheap place for a wedding. I watched the video from more of a “how did they do it” perspective. If I had to guess, they did the ceremony as normal. (you see a couple clips) but it looks like after the recessional they probably asked guests to stay seated and play along. They maybe did it 2-3 times. The rest of it, I have a feeling they just played the song a couple of times during te reception. Other than that… There’s tons of b-roll. I’d guess that the one guy is an actor (with unbuttoned collar) and the set with the girls on the grass was probably shot before the wedding. I think it’s really fun!

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