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  • My favorite pictures of 2010

    I have thousands of pictures from 2010. Work events, family life, our garden, and two mission trips. But both of my favorite pictures of the year came from the same day in the same location. The Sons of God Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti. The first picture is of Kristen. She’s with a little boy who…

  • Fun street art

    There’s no real point to this one. I just thought it was super fun, creative and thought it was worth sharing. ht to LikeCool

  • Time Lapse Video: Backyard Hummingbirds

    A few weeks ago we hung this little hummingbird feeder. We were amazed to discover that the hummingbirds (who nest in a tree in our backyard) discovered it within hours. Maybe it makes me sound old or stupid? But I don’t care. I love watching these amazing creatures in my backyard. And I love watching…

  • Sunrise over Rolando

    Sunrise over Rolando Originally uploaded by mclanea Because of the marine layer, we don’t get many sunrises in San Diego. When I looked out of my bedroom window and saw this today I had two thoughts. First, I need to capture this moment on film! Second, it’s going to be a hot one. No marine…

  • Romeo Photos, June 28th

    Megan and I took a walk today around the block. Here are some photos I snapped.