Garden Birds

As much as we like gardening, we also love the ancillary things that a garden attracts. One of those things is our hummingbirds.

There are three birds living in a nearby tree. The male sits on his perch most of the day, observing the garden.

Besides watching them feed from my morning writing spot– I adore watching them swoop in when I turn the sprinklers on. As they fly in for a drink their lightning-wings spray water in a thousand directions.

It makes me giggle every time. How awesome is nature?


I’m sure some gardeners have birds who are pests. Maybe eating the crops or digging where they aren’t supposed to. I guess we avoid all of that by having a very prolific hunting cat. Lovely seems to keep all unwanted critters at bay.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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