June Bloom!

San Diego is known for it’s June Gloom season. The combination of a cool coastal current and northerly winds this time of year result in a strong morning fog that often lasts until late in the day. While most of the country soars into summertime temps, June is traditionally a chilly month here. It’s actually…… Continue reading June Bloom!

Garden Birds

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdIDCCtf-6Y As much as we like gardening, we also love the ancillary things that a garden attracts. One of those things is our hummingbirds. There are three birds living in a nearby tree. The male sits on his perch most of the day, observing the garden. Besides watching them feed from my morning writing spot–…… Continue reading Garden Birds

Late Fall Planting

Admittedly, we’ve fizzled in both our zeal for gardening and our zeal for blogging about our garden in the last couple of months. Life got incredibly busy and we kind of went on cruise control in the backyard. Truth be told there hasn’t been a lot to report. As early Fall rains came, the weeds…… Continue reading Late Fall Planting