My Commitment to an Intellectually Stimulating Youth Ministry

My 17 year old is studying multiple languages and chemistry over summer break just to get a jump start, she thinks calculus is fun, and she reads complex literature in her spare time. The truth is that she’s really not that unusual. This is what today’s high school students do. And yet in youth ministry,…… Continue reading My Commitment to an Intellectually Stimulating Youth Ministry

Why We Progress

Sometimes life gives you glimpses of cultural progress. I got one of them yesterday. In a Facebook group I’m part of a youth worker posted this question: Any suggestions on how to handle homosexual or bisexual relationships in the group. We have a new attendee that I want to be careful with teaching in love…… Continue reading Why We Progress

I’m Still Here

It’s 2016. Duh. But I started on this journey in 1994. Whoa. How many people can say that they set out to join a profession at 17 that they are still in at 39? Not just ministry-types… adults, in general? Not that many. Looking back at it now I see three waypoints that have me…… Continue reading I’m Still Here

Where Are Our Heroes?

A youth worker from Arizona posted in a Facebook group: Do you any of you carry during youth events? Concealed or open? A shocking number of practicing ministers responded affirmatively. They carry a gun while working with teenagers. A minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ standing before his flock armed with a loaded…… Continue reading Where Are Our Heroes?

January 2016 – Youth Pastors in the News

Here’s a list of headlines from the month of January 2016 for the Google News search term, “Youth Pastor.” I’ve deleted multiple links to the same instance. 1/7/16 – Youth pastor charged with sexually assaulting five underaged boys while working at Aliso Viejo church – OC Register (CA) Former Youth Pastor Caught With Underage Girl Behind Genghis Grill…… Continue reading January 2016 – Youth Pastors in the News