February 2016 – “Youth Pastor” in the News

Each month I publish a list of the search term “youth pastor” in Google News.

Yes, this is an attack on youth ministry. Yes, this is personal. But it’s not me attacking us. It’s us attacking us. Our tribe destroys itself but while no self-change occurs. Collectively we devalue our profession in the eyes of the general public with each new instance of abuse, arrest, conviction.

We must root out evil.

We must create healthy ministries.

We need training, coaching, professional standards, and accountability.

If my drawing attention to this ticks you off…. good. It ought to make you sick that a profession which does SO MUCH GOOD in the world only makes the news largely for getting hired or gotten fired because they’ve been arrested.

If you don’t like the news change it. Make the news for doing good.

My daily prayer for youth ministry is that we, as a community of adults ministering to teenagers, would be good news in our neighborhoods. But prayer is not enough… join me in taking action.

Without further delay, here is this month’s list.

“Youth Pastor” in the News






2 responses to “February 2016 – “Youth Pastor” in the News”

  1. Angela @ KidCheck Avatar

    Hi Adam! Thanks for sharing this important information. For us @KidCheck it’s an important reminder of the much needed emphasis on child safety within the church. I truly love the line “If you don’t like the news change it.” Blessings to you!

  2. Scott_Statson Avatar

    This is sad. I’m in it to change it Adam!

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