10 Ways to Connect with Me at NYWC

On Thursday, Marko and I fly out to Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. It’s sure to be a fun week of connecting, training, and encouragement.

I’ve always loved the convention and I’m stoked to continue to invest in making the convention an awesome experience for youth workers from around the country.

Here’s my line-up of stuff. I’d love to meet you!


10:00 am – Creating an Online Ministry: Three Timeless Principles for Building a Sustainable Online Ministry

4:00 pm – Getting started as a blogger

10:00 pm – Cartel Meet-up – Party like a youth worker (RSVP here)


8:00 am – Expanding the vision: Rethinking Volunteers (Fishbowl)

5:00 pm – Free and awesome communications tools for youth ministry

6:00 pm – Using Mailchimp for Ministry

7:30 pm – Hosting a meet-up for event planners with folks from Eventbrite (contact me for more info)


10:00 am – Unveiling one of our projects in Big Room


8:00 am – 3:00 pm – Extended Adolescence Symposium (tickets)

A note for those who want to meet-up. I really do want to connect and catch-up. Feel free to contact me via Facebook or here to try to schedule something. A (very good) problem that Marko and I have this year is that most of our time is already booked with meetings and such.

Random sidenote: Based on all the feedback I got on Twitter the other day. I’ll be spending chunks of this week transitioning my presentations from PowerPoint to Keynote.







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  1. Ben Patterson Avatar

    Suhweeetness! I’m PUMPED for NYWC. I’ve been to the Nashville Convention a couple times before and now we’re making the trek to Atlanta for the first time.

    It’s gonna be grand!

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