Your story matters

My drive plan for next week

Next week, I’m hitting the road and driving from San Jose to just north of Seattle. I guess there are 3 over-arching reasons I’m doing this. Two are a bit secondary and perhaps selfish, which the third is really the justification for everything else.

  1. I love a good road trip. There is something almost magical about driving across our country. If you’ve never done a multi-day drive you won’t understand that statement. My first was “Golf across America” in 2002. My last one was “Travels with Stoney” in 2008. This trip needs a name.
  2. YS is still alive. It’s not that you, my kind reader, doesn’t know that. It’s that a lot of people have an open question… “What’s going on with YS?” And this trip is aimed at answering that question. (This is what’s known as “the business justification.“) Plus, even before all of the changes, I kept begging for this because I knew there was a need to get our staff on the ground talking with youth workers out of the office.
  3. Your story matters. My first two road trips were about my story. (Travels with Stoney was a little more about our families story and our hope for a fresh start.) This trip is about the stories of youth workers. My work has put me in contact with innumerous youth workers… and collectively we have a story to tell. My premise is that as I drive and host these meet-ups I’ll hear (and capture) stories from youth workers which the community will really resonate with.

What’s fascinating about going out to discover youth workers stories is… it’s all about discovery. I’ve got a rough sketch of who I’m going to meet, but I really don’t have a clue where this is going to go. And what makes a road trip so fun for this format of story discovery is that I probably won’t really get a thread through all of the stories until I’m done. Since I’m telling stories as I go, there’s even a great chance that you will see the thread before I will.

Another fascinating element to telling people’s stories, one that I’m just learning to appreciate, is that power of telling a persons story to the person whose story is being told. It’s one thing to tell your own story. But it’s an entirely different thing to have someone come into your life and then to other people about you. As I’ve been scheduling my meet-ups and talking to people, I hear them question, “you want to tell my story?

You are story worthy.

Your story is interesting.

Your story is helpful to you.

Your story is helpful to others.

As a child of the King bought at a price, your story has unlimited value.

you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:20






4 responses to “Your story matters”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    For some unkown reason this made me choke up a bit.

    I heartily agree. If you haven’t taken a multi-day trip to see our country, do it. If need be, borrow and economical car and get out there! Bradly and I are hoping to travel to see the Creation Museum in KY.

    Enjoy your trip and enjoy the stories.

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    I wish that you were heading to southwest Ohio. 🙂

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    I’ve pitched a few trips doing this sort of thing, one of which has me coming to Cincy and crashing on your floor. It’s all depending on how this trip goes.

  4. Todd Porter Avatar

    You don’t have to crash on the floor. We have a queen size bed in the spare room that you can sleep on. 🙂

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