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  • Your story matters

    Next week, I’m hitting the road and driving from San Jose to just north of Seattle. I guess there are 3 over-arching reasons I’m doing this. Two are a bit secondary and perhaps selfish, which the third is really the justification for everything else. I love a good road trip. There is something almost magical […]

  • 3 Upcoming Things I’m Excited About

    I’ve got 3 big things on the horizon which are capturing a ton of my attention. Both the details and the scope of them are great! In just a few weeks I’m embarking on a road trip up I-5, through California, Oregon, and Seattle. The goal is simple, connect with a bunch of West Coast […]

  • Recapping the U2 Show

    Amazing? Too cool at the U2 show, originally uploaded by mclanea. How do I recap the U2 show? It’s an beyond description. Here are some thoughts from the trip, in no particular order. It was well-timed. A week before my trip to Cincinnati for NYWC and with all the stuff stirring at work, a day […]

  • U2 on YouTube

    Today, Kristen and I are driving to Phoenix to see the U2 360 Tour. I have a figurative bucket list and this was on it. My brain has been mush lately so I am greatly looking forward to driving 5 hours across the desert to lose my voice screaming lyrics with Bono. Just for good […]

  • Travels With Stoney: The Megan Song

  • Travels with Stoney: The Rundown

    So here is the itenerary of my trip to San Diego. Of course, it’s a little odd to write about a trip to San Diego when I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in San Diego but let’s just pretend prepositional phrases don’t matter, OK? Sunday: Detroit to Terre Haute, IN. Having lunch in the […]

  • Travels with Stoney: Blog Poll

    Megan and I are very actively planning our our trip. We’re still looking for a place to say in the greater Albuquerque area. We’ve also determined that we’ll be stopping at the memorial of the Oklahoma City bombings. Check out our trip and feel free to suggest a stop for us. One thing that is […]

  • Travels with Stoney: Join us!

    View Larger Map Every once in a while I come up with an idea that is crazy enough to try. This is one of those. On August 10th, Megan and I will push Stoney (our yellow lab) into the car and leave on a 2500 mile adventure. Together, we will travel through 10 states between […]

  • Fantastic Pointless Roadtrip

    I love taking students on spiritual journeys. I call them “pointless road trips.” In other words, I like to pile a few students into the church van to drive a long way for something fairly benign. My personal favorite was driving to Grand Rapids (2 hours) to watch a movie. But Stuart Delony is taking […]