3 Upcoming Things I’m Excited About

I’ve got 3 big things on the horizon which are capturing a ton of my attention. Both the details and the scope of them are great!
  1. In just a few weeks I’m embarking on a road trip up I-5, through California, Oregon, and Seattle. The goal is simple, connect with a bunch of West Coast youth workers, hear what’s going on in their ministries, and share what’s going on at YS these days. Since it’s a youth ministry trip, it’s a low budget deal. Shawn Michael Shoup (my travel buddy) and I will be either crashing at churches, youth workers homes, or sleeping under the stars.
  2. In June, Kristen and I are hosting a 13th anniversary party. It’ll be a small barbeque with some close friends. We’re also going to do a snarky renewal-of-vows type of thing as part of it. More like a celebration of marriage than anything else. As we looked at venues for that we quickly discovered that it’d be better to just rent a beach house for a week, host the barbeque there one evening, and turn it into a staycation. So we think we’ve nailed down the beach house… but still need a contract. It’s kind of funny when you live somewhere that’s a vacation destination.
  3. In July, Kristen and I are hoping to head to Haiti for a week of ministry in Port-au-Prince. Lots and lots of details still to be determined on that. But I’m pretty sure it’s happening.

With the difficulty of 2009 it’s fun to have exciting stuff planned for 2010.





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  1. Stuart Delony Avatar


    If we could work it out with timing… would you and your traveling compadre be interested in some white-water rafting when you’re up in the North of Seattle portion of your road trip. If you’re interested, we’d love to hook you up and let you guys experience some outdoor ministry.


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