Go to Port-au-Prince with me

OK, dear blog reader. It’s time you and I do something to change the world together.

Back in February I shared my trip to Port-au-Prince with you. You saw my joys, sorrows, giggles, and heart-longings. And since that trip I’ve had a strong, STRONG desire to go back. Opportunities have come and gone with the circumstances never quite right.

This is right. This exactly fulfills the vision I had for this trip as our van lumbered out of Port-au-Prince for the day-long drive back to the Dominican Republic to return home in February.

Some details:

  • July 19-25, 2010
  • Cost is $390 + travel to Port-au-Prince (seems like the flight is about $800 from San Diego, maybe more or less where you live.)
  • The maximum size of the team is 20. I’d like to know who is going by mid-May.
  • The team is open to anyone 21+… whether you know me from church, my work at Youth Specialties, or are a blog reader.
  • This is an adult trip– which means we’ll be a team when we’re together, but it’s not quite the same as a youth group trip!
  • Just like my first trip, this is being put together by Adventures in Missions. I know the team there and some of the people we’ll be working alongside.
  • Kristen is going with me. Though it’s not a “couples” trip this may be an amazing opportunity for a ministry couple to go and do ministry together.
  • Ideally, you have a heart for serving the Haitian church and have been praying for God to open an opportunity for you to go.
  • If you are thinking of leading a team in 2011 and want to go on a preview trip, this is perfect for that.
  • I don’t know 1000% what we’ll be doing every day of our trip. (That will become more clear later) At this point I can only guarantee you that we’ll be doing some type of earthquake relief and working through a local Haitian pastor.

How do you get involved? Shoot me an e-mail, mclanea@gmail.com.

Again, because of the nature of the team this trip is limited to only 20 team members. So if you are interested, it’d be good to contact me right away.





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