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  • Nervous Energy

    Nervous Energy

    Nervous energy. I think that’s a good description for the weirdness of a travel day for every short-term mission team, especially high schoolers. I woke up this morning thinking of the youth leaders and their checklists. At this point, the day they fly, there isn’t much left to do. Count heads, reassure parents, and check […]

  • Go to Haiti with Me April 6-9

    Join Adam McLane on a vision trip to Port au Prince, Haiti this April 6-9. Thought about going but run into a bunch of obstacles? This trip is for you!

  • Mexico isn’t Scary

    I spent yesterday with some folks from Amor Ministries in Tijuana. The point of our trip was to visit some recent Amor houses built in a colonia to create a video inviting NYWC participants to spend a day of convention there building a house. The houses we saw were anywhere from 3 days old to 10 […]

  • St. Patrick’s Day Prayer for the American Church

    Green beer, revelry, parades, and dyeing the river green. These are the things we think about to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. However, when I think of Saint Patrick, I think of one of the greatest missionaries to have ever walked the planet. Born in Wales, trafficked as a teenager and sold into slavery in Ireland. […]

  • Go to Haiti this December

    As the video says, I’m looking to gauge the interest of a trip to Haiti this December 27th or 28th, 2010 – January 1st or 2nd, 2011. I’m specifically interested in leading a team of church/youth/college leaders who are exploring the possibility of a trip in 2011 or 2012. (Yes, this would be my 3rd […]

  • Make new friends, but keep the old

    One of the joys of this trip is getting to know new people. I suppose it is odd to some that this team is assembled of people somehow related to me. Obviously, some are old friends while others are brand new to me. Though that may seem odd, it’s how my life works. As Kristen […]

  • The prayers of the people ring out

    Right now I hear a congregation praying in the first floor of the building I am trying to sleep in. I hear crickets and look out of the balcony and see returnless lightning in the distance. The night is filled with stilled activity under the oppressive humidity of the Carribean. Moments ago the congregation sang […]

  • Haiti Pre-trip trip

    The next week on my blog is going to be a smudge different. I’ll be posting updates and photos as much as I can, but it’s not possible to know what our cell reception will be like. I had hoped to have my new iPhone 4 before we left so that I could post videos […]

  • Haiti Expectations and Fears

    Last night, Kristen and I collapsed into bed. We have finally finished the physical preparations for our trip to Haiti. And now, as we laid in bed, our hearts began to sink into the reality that we are doing our first missions trip together as a couple. (Well, not including co-leading youth group trips) I’m […]

  • 3 Reasons I’m Going Back to Haiti

    On July 19th I will return to Port-au-Prince. In some ways I can’t wait to go back and see how things are progressing. And in other ways I am scared to go back because I think things are a lot worse. I’ve heard mixed reports. I’m not going alone. As our team van lumbered out […]