3 Reasons I’m Going Back to Haiti

On July 19th I will return to Port-au-Prince.

In some ways I can’t wait to go back and see how things are progressing. And in other ways I am scared to go back because I think things are a lot worse.

I’ve heard mixed reports.

I’m not going alone.

As our team van lumbered out of Port-au-Prince last February I challenged myself to return in 2010… and to bring others who might catch a vision for how to help the church in Haiti rebuild both spiritually and physically a collapsed nation.

Thankfully, 19 others said yes to my appeal to go with me. It’s a full trip. I was completely shocked and amazed to see who joined the team. It’s an amazing hodgepodge of people from my life. And I cannot wait to see how God uses their service to be both blessed and do some form of blessing.

Without overloading you with information, I want to give you 3 quick reasons I’m returning to Haiti.

  1. While the cameras and celebrities (and the money they bring) have left Haiti, millions remain homeless. 2/3rd of the cities residents still sleep on the ground. Can you imagine “camping” for 6 months, sleeping on the bare dirt, trying to find food every day? The hard work of rebuilding has not begun. This is still very much a relief effort.
  2. The local church is still the primary instrument of relief. My entire adult life I’ve listened to pastors say, “We just need to move the church back to Acts 2.” Well, it is happening in Haiti! And I want to support them however I can. I don’t want to sound judgmental, but I openly wonder where those church leaders are who claim they want to see Acts 2 in their communities. If they were serious they would be in Haiti.
  3. The situation for the orphans and widows is dire. Last week the New York Times published a beautiful piece about a young girl named Daphne. You should read it. Its a story of hope and despair. As you read it ask yourself what I have been asking myself, “Why aren’t believers telling these stories to churches?” I hope to meet some Daphne’s and tell you their stories.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

Three ways you can get involved

  1. Pray. Commit to praying for our team. 20 people, most of whom have never met, will come together for a common purpose… to serve the Haitian church. Pray for our unity, our physical health, and that God would take our efforts and multiply their effectiveness supernaturally.
  2. Give. Kristen, Erin, and I have raised about $800 of the $2400 we need to fund our travel. We are thankful to those who have given already. Here’s how you can give to help our travel costs. Additionally, if you live locally and would like to contribute something for Kristen and I to take… we would like to fill our bags with this stuff to donate.
  3. Go. Just like last time– you will be able to follow my trip online as I post photos, videos, and blog posts. Will you commit to considering a trip to Haiti in the next 12 months? All I am asking is that you consider it.

It would greatly encourage Kristen and I if you’d simply let us know which of those 3 things you can commit to. Leave us a comment. It can be as simple as your name and which of the three options you can commit to as a way to get involved.





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  1. Travis Deans Avatar
    Travis Deans

    Hey Adam, I’m confused – I’d like to give toward your trip but I can’t seem to get to your chip in page. Help!

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Not sure what went wrong, sorry! Here is the link:

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