What happens at camp doesn’t stay at camp

Earlier this Spring I posted an infographic about the Power of Camp. I think this video from YouthDynamics illustrates the power of camp quite well. Personal challenges and personal encounters with Christ. That’s what it’s all about! The video captures my own experience as a youth pastor in getting teenagers out of their context. For them,…… Continue reading What happens at camp doesn’t stay at camp


The McLane family is on vacation. We left on Thursday and flew from San Diego to Washington D.C. Over the weekend I worked at DCLA while Kristen and the kids explored the city. The went to some museums, saw some sites, toured some buildings, and basically just had a series of long days. If you’ve…… Continue reading In NJ/NYC

Andrew Marin goes to Washington

I probably seem like a total fanboy for Andrew Marin. Thing is, I think he’s one of those few prophetic voices within Evangelicalism. Here’s a message he presented as part of the Inauguration Weekend in Washington, DC. I’m really digging his book, Love is an Orientation. It comes out soon, you can get yours today…… Continue reading Andrew Marin goes to Washington

Dinner with the Bailey’s

Kristen and I are having one of those fun weeks that is also really busy. Other than Dave, we’ve not had many visitors since our moving to San Diego. That has been both good and bad. Good in that we’ve been forced to find new friends… and we’ve been doing that. Bad in that we…… Continue reading Dinner with the Bailey’s

Risk vs. Opportunity

A common theme in my mind lately has been how we look at the choices we make. As one would imagine, Kristen and I are making tons of decisions right now. And we’ve come to this conclusion: Most decisions are morally neutral and the outcome depends on you. Quick disclaimer: Look, I know that there…… Continue reading Risk vs. Opportunity