What happens at camp doesn’t stay at camp

Earlier this Spring I posted an infographic about the Power of Camp. I think this video from YouthDynamics illustrates the power of camp quite well. Personal challenges and personal encounters with Christ. That’s what it’s all about!

The video captures my own experience as a youth pastor in getting teenagers out of their context. For them, it’s a big adventure which helps conquer fears and expose them to stuff they wouldn’t get at home. But it’s also an unparralled way for God to grab hold of students lives in new ways.

While trips impact teenagers in different ways, each time I’ve taken students somewhere each of them is challenged in big, unique ways.

Of course, I think it’d be great if you helped YD crush their modest fundraising goal of $5000, they are at $3500 and need just a little bit more by July 4th. I love that they’ve set it up so that even $20 makes a difference. Wouldn’t it be cool to help them raise $50,000? 

Not familiar with YD? One thing I love about them is that they intentionally open ministry centers in small communities, underserved by local church youth ministry programs– they go places others won’t which displays their Kingdom heart.

My bigger point is this: Build experiences that put your students outside of their native context. For YD it’s taking them into the wilderness. But for you it might mean taking small town teenager to a soup kitchen in a big city or comfortable suburban kids into the worker camps of Tijuana.

Want to widen your impact? Widen your students world view to bigger things. 





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  1. Bronco Huge Avatar

    Thanks Adam for highlighting the work of YD and I am sure we will pass the $5K goal. Blessings on you and yours this summer and if you want a vintage photo of me just let me know.

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