YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?

Finally! That’s totally how I felt yesterday when the news came to me that we were making an announcement about the deal for Zondervan to sell YS to YouthWorks. (Here’s the link) The last few weeks, since Marko’s departure, have been a roller coaster for me. The facts presented to the staff on that day…… Continue reading YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?

Anxiety in Youth Ministry

Over the past several days I’ve started to put words to what I’ve been observing: The tribe of youth ministry is anxious. 2009 has been a ridiculously hard year. Last October when Tony Campolo spoke in Sacramento he said something like… “Church, as we know it today, will collapse with the economy. And we will…… Continue reading Anxiety in Youth Ministry

Themes from NYWC

I had a great weekend in Cincinnati. I had lots of time to connect with old friends, meet tons of new people, and got into a multitude of deep conversations about life, work, ministry, and family. Over and over again themes came into conversation. These weren’t things I brought up… it just seemed like everything…… Continue reading Themes from NYWC

Headed to Cincy!

Thursday morning I head out to the beautiful state of Ohio for the second NYWC of 2009. After a year’s worth of planning, preparation, and trying to get people to come– I am beside myself ready to get on site and do my job! The Midwest version of NYWC is always my highlight as “these…… Continue reading Headed to Cincy!

Remember what it was like when this was fun?

I absolutely loved what Francis Chan said in LA a couple weeks ago. (about :43 into this video) He reminded us- me- youth workers… to stop taking ourselves so seriously, find a way to laugh again, remind yourself that you’re just a stupid kid, mistakes aren’t that big of a deal, we all went into…… Continue reading Remember what it was like when this was fun?