NYWC personal highlights

Right now I am on the Surfliner Amtrack train headed south. As I travel home to San Diego my mind is full of thoughts, reflections, and highlights from this weekend. Here they are in no particular order:

1. I may have the best job in youth ministry. Sure, I’m not on stage or writing books or in any way famous. But, I am doing work I love. I getthw unique job of meeting lots of people– practitioners of youth ministry, researchers, authors, speakers… And loads of folks who do they day to day work of reaching this generation for Jesus Christ.
2. I averaged 4.5 hours of sleep. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
3. The David Crowder Bamd show at The Roxy in Hollywood was incredible. My favorite part was bringing Ben Kraker. Two dudes from te trenches were VIPs for a night and that’s rad.
4. I sat in on a conversation between Brian Berry and Shane Hipps after Shane’s big room talk. I’m still thinking about it. I want to be more present to the people in my life and less distracted by the technology I love.
5. I spent a lot of time with Andy Marin. I love Andy and his ministry. He has grown so much in the last 12 months. Not that he wasn’t great last Fall. But he was better this year.
6. Meeting Francis Chan was great. I can’t wait to air his podcast segment.
7. Changes to convention were fantastic. I was a little bit nervous aboutthe changes but it was amazing to see people embrace and get excited about what we are doing and where we are going.
8. Open space Saturday. This fundamentally changes the game. While there will always be for experts, ministry culture is moving so fast that we need practitioners to equip practitioners. I hope a higher percentage of youthcwprlers stickcarpund for it in future cities.
9. LA was intense. I had more deep conversations I’m the last 5 days than all of last year combined.
10. Youth workers are hurting. With culture inside the church changing so rapidly, and the stress of the economy on an already poor group of people… There were a lot of tears this weekend.
11. Speaking of tears. The session with the Daraja Childrens choir had everyone crying. I think it’s that shared story of making it through pain to hope that caused an electric response to their presence.
12. I loved Perry Noble’s talk. My guard was up, but Perry was very encouraging to me.
13. The /live experience was great. I think the adjustments I made to the social media plan for convention went really well.
14. Tash McGill is a rock star. She is going to tire of me piling her brain one day, for sure.
15. Speaking of rock stars, Ian straight up carried our lab with his techno-knowledge of all things video.
16. I still think it’s funny that I got a speakers packet.
17. This was a difficult convention. I’m thankful for amazing contractors and volunteers that give way too muxhctp YS for convention. With a number of our people getting sick, I noticed they really stepped up and that was amazing.
18. The postgame show was great. Now to make it better.
19. For the first time, I sat in the hall for all of the big room sessions. Loved that.
20. I’m exhausted and energized at the same time. Bring on Cincy!





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  1. Lars Rood Avatar

    Hey- Enjoyed getting to know you a bit. The Sunday night talk was the highlight of the convention for me. I know it was a bit frustrating and tough to see where it was going but you did a good job of being loyal and at the same time aware that there were differing opinions. I wish I was at the other conventions to continue that type of conversations but since I’m not I’ll be relying on your social media folk while I sit on my butt in Dallas. 🙂

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