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  • My Social Media Event Toolbox

    Tonight I am packing for NYWC and I thought it’d be cool to capture a gear list. People see me running around and doing a lot of stuff, here is the equipment that makes it all happen. – Panasonic HD video camera (podcast footage) – Panasonic hand held camcorder (I take 2 of these, use […]

  • A Unique Opportunity at NYWC

    Bragging for a second. This is also my first Final Cut project. With all the video stuff we’re doing at work, I want to learn some new skills and be Ian’s back-up. He was really patience in showing me the basics of Final Cut the other day. I was happy to get about 90% of […]

  • NYWC is Gonna Be Fun

    I’ve been so busy working on spreading the word about National Youth Workers Convention that I’ve literally forgotten to post about three exciting things I’m a part of in all 3 cities. 1. The FUN team is back and better than ever! Last year was YS’s first serious forray into social media during a live […]

  • Cultivate Leaders in Tough Times

    A few weeks back I talked about a quick trip I made up to Irvine to do a video shoot with Dave Gibbons, pastor of Newsong Church. I was privileged that he made time for me and thought enough about YS to share some thoughts about why a youth ministry training event is still important […]

  • Two fantastic videos from NYWC

    I am a huge fan of the stories told at NYWC. Even before I came to work at YS, I always thought they managed to tell the right stories at every event to warm the heart and encourage the soul to keep going. These are two great short films produced by Ian, our maven of […]

  • Nashville’s Ghetto Recap

    This is quickly becoming one of the fun things I do… I totally love being a part of the podcast. Here’s something I heard 3-4 times this weekend that blew me away. People love the way I end the show. I kind of get tired saying it, but it’s one of the driving things behind […]

  • Quick check-in

    I’m always amazed at my inability to blog from NYWC. I think it’s a combination of my insane schedule and a lack of good internet connectivity. More importantly, I feel like I don’t have much to share while in the midst of NYWC since I’m soaking it in so deeply. So here are some random […]

  • Off the Nashville

    It’s butt early, but I am freshly showered, packed, and waiting on an airport shuttle to take me to the airport. This morning I’m taking the dark flight over to Dallas for my connection. Anyway, just in case I wasn’t clear enough… my blogging will likely be convention-centric for a few days. Don’t worry, I’m […]

  • NYWC Nashville: Pre-thoughts

    I am geeked about going to Nashville in a couple days. I know what you’re thinking, having been to Sacramento and Pittsburgh NYWC how can I possibly be excited about a 3rd one? – Oddly enough, a room full of youth workers always gets me excited. – Nashville is the “big show” on our circuit. […]

  • YS podcast: Adam’s Ghetto Version

    Literally, we shot this podcast on our handheld cameras and my Macbook’s isight camera. Pay attention to the intro and it will make perfect sense.