NYWC Sacramento Post Thoughts

Let’s see. I am home from my first NYWC as a staff member. Looking back over the weekend I have a lot of things floating around my head. Here are some quick reflections. #1 People are people. This isn’t profound to me but I kept getting asked, “What is _____ like?” I don’t know a…… Continue reading NYWC Sacramento Post Thoughts

Talking about homosexuality in the church

Homosexuality is one of the 1000 pound gorillas of today’s evangelical church. In other words there are a lot of people either struggling with gender preference themselves or someone they love is. And the churches silence on this issue has lead to a ton of people feeling like they cannot connect to God. Into that…… Continue reading Talking about homosexuality in the church

Sacramento Day 1

I’m here. Being on this side of things is great. At the same time the next 24 hours are the most stressful of the 3 conventions. The live blogging kicks off at 1 PM PST. Make sure you check that out. nywc.com/live

NYWC Sacramento: Wednesday

I’m one of the few folks still in the El Cajon offices this morning. The primary convention staff went up Sunday while the rest who are going up are trickling in the rest of the week… some arriving as late as Friday. My flight is early Thursday morning as I still have to help get…… Continue reading NYWC Sacramento: Wednesday