The unicorn of death






6 responses to “The unicorn of death”

  1. Aaron Geist Avatar

    Awesome!!!! Not terribly embarrassing 🙂

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    I just hope that they will be in Pittsburgh. I want to ride the magical unicorn!

  3. Len Avatar

    How many times did you hear “Charlie” and “Candy Mountain” around that thing?

  4. Shawn Michael Shoup Avatar

    Dude, I’m scared to try now!!

  5. adam mclane Avatar

    yeah, on the second attempt you can see the back of my leg get caught across the handle… I have a massive bruise from that. That’s why I was whining about worker’s comp. Plus, I just want to tell the powers that be that I hurt my leg while riding a magical unicorn.

  6. Andrea Avatar

    I’m digging the elf costume.

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