NYWC Sacramento: Wednesday

I’m one of the few folks still in the El Cajon offices this morning. The primary convention staff went up Sunday while the rest who are going up are trickling in the rest of the week… some arriving as late as Friday. My flight is early Thursday morning as I still have to help get the YMX booth set up in the exhibit hall.

What am I doing at NYWC Sacramento? Lots!

Job #1 I’m live blogging, twittering, and making a daily video blog. This includes overseeing a fun group that I put together of three other youth ministry bloggers. You can watch our live blogging craziness at NYWC.com/live.

Job #2 I’m a social butterfly. Is that a job? Yes, it really is! 350 days per year my job is to use non-personal means to reach out and encourage thousands of youth workers like email and internet stuff. But 15 days per year I get to do this in person. So I will be talking up a storm. Listening to people’s stories. And basically a ton under the umbrella of “connecting.” Think about it like a PGA Tour event. There, most of the players can stay “inside the ropes” where the public doesn’t go. While I do go there as well, I try to be “outside the ropes” as much as I can. (Honestly, YS staff rarely stay inside the ropes… we’re all social butterflies!) So if you see me at a seminar taking notes or in the hallway or walking around the convention center, please stop and say hello!

Job #3 The YMX Booth. Last year YMX made its debut at NYWC Atlanta. We were a tiny little company in a big huge room of 400 exhibitors. We had a small booth and most people probably missed us. This year, you won’t be able to miss us! Right when you walk in you’ll see our sexy new logo and be invited to sit down and connect in our “bigger-er” booth. Bring your laptop and enjoy some free internet too. Get ready to learn about ymwomen.com as well… Register for an account at YMX/ymwomen (free) and enjoy the loudest giveaway I’ve ever seen.

Job #4 Facilitate the small church youth worker discussion. I’m super excited about this! Obviously, I’ve been in a small church for the last “forever.” Together we’ll talk about what’s going on in your church, encourage one another, and just have a blast. Trust me, it’ll be great.

Job #5 Bringing the energy. Yesterday, in the podcast Marko talked about being weary. I gotta say, that is not me. (right now) I’m exuberant about the conventions this fall. I know some of that is that I’m the new guy on staff. But a big chunk is that I feel like I’m right where God wants me for this season of life. I can’t wait to connect with others and I hope to be a part of the energy on site.






4 responses to “NYWC Sacramento: Wednesday”

  1. Shawn Michael Shoup Avatar

    I’ll be looking for you, Adam. It’s going to be hard to wait through all this live blogging/tweeting for Nashville!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    The flip side of that is that if you look through the live blogging notes, you’ll know EXACTLY what content will best suit your ministry needs.

  3. Shawn Michael Shoup Avatar

    True… true.

  4. Brian Eberly Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing you and live blogging with you!

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