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Tonight I am packing for NYWC and I thought it’d be cool to capture a gear list. People see me running around and doing a lot of stuff, here is the equipment that makes it all happen.

– Panasonic HD video camera (podcast footage)

– Panasonic hand held camcorder (I take 2 of these, use them for daily recap videos)

– Flip camera (for quick stuff I take from Big Room to Facebook, love it)

– iPhone (all around communication device. Digital camera, calendar, Twitter machine, Facebook status updates, Mobile Flickr posts)

– Nikon D60 (only one is pictured but I take two, plus about five 4 gig SD cards. Light and reliable, these are workhorse cameras for me)

– Lenses (Standard lens, 300 for close-ups and Big Room stuff, wide angle to capture the bigness of some stuff)

– Camera bag (You won’t see me without this at NYWC. It carries a lot of gear and lenses)

– Wireless mics (for big video camera)

– Mixer (for postgame show)

– Portable hard drive (Hey, I capture a lot of media!)

– Macbook Pro (Onsite I use web apps mostly, but I also use CS4, Final Cut, iMovie, iPhoto)

– iPod headphones (Carry 2 sets, they are cheap so if I lose them its no big deal)

– Media card reader (Carry 2 of these, you never know when someone will hand you a weird media card)

– Mac display adapters (Got one of each variety– I’m handy like that for my friends)

– Power cables galore (Convention handbook says you will always find me near an electrical outlet, it’s true! While I pictured one of everything I actually bring one for my bag and one for my room of almost every cable I use)

– USB, Firewire, RCA, Minijack cables (I bring about 10 varieties, cheaper to carry them than buy them)

– Business cards (Shoot video/pictures with someone, hand ’em a card)

– Batteries (Mostly 9v and AA, this picture reminds me I need to stock up on AA)

– Extra battery packs (I have a spare battery for everything, except my Macbook which lasts exceptionally long)

There’s actually a lot not pictured here that I use a lot, as well. But this is the stuff I carry with me almost all the time. In addition to this I have lighting, tripods, more electrical stuff… and three full time volunteers!

Seem excessive? 4 video cameras, 3 digital cameras, enough microphones to hold a press conference… Spend a couple hours with me and you’ll see that I use it all. I work my gear like my golf bag. I play ’em all.



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  1. Dave Luke Avatar

    you could have at least arranged them neatly! now do you fit this all into one bag? if so what size? It must be a real burden, is there anyway you can simplify?
    Just saying it seems an excessive amount.

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