NYWC Nashville: Pre-thoughts

I am geeked about going to Nashville in a couple days. I know what you’re thinking, having been to Sacramento and Pittsburgh NYWC how can I possibly be excited about a 3rd one?

– Oddly enough, a room full of youth workers always gets me excited.

– Nashville is the “big show” on our circuit. There will be more people in Nashville for NYWC than currently live in Romeo, Michigan. No lie.

– I get to hang out with my live blogging crew for nywc.com/live. Ryan, Shawn Michael, Jason, and Andy.

– More time chilling with my new homie, Andy Marin.

– Unlimited time cracking up with Cathy and meeting folks while shooting future episodes of the YS Podcast. I think we get so tired that pretty much everything is funny to us. But it’s still a good time.

– Friday’s General Sessions will electrify an already excited audience. Don’t make plans for after the general session… you want to go to the talkback sessions, trust me.

– Other than one time where I was at the bus depot at 10 PM on Christmas night 1995 on my way to see my then girlfriend, Kristen Tucker, absolutely scared to death that some bum knew that I secretly had a pearl ring in my backpack and he was going to jump me for it…. I’ve never been to Nashville longer than it takes to change a plane or empty my bladder and buy a coke.

– I want to find out where the casinos are in Nashville. Is that why everyone calls it Nashvegas?

– I find myself constantly saying (internally): Graceland is in Memphis you moron. The Grand Ole Opry is in Nashville.

– I’m hoping the get more than 15 hours sleep. I totalled it up, that’s what I got in Pittsburgh. I’ve built my schedule a lot better this time.






6 responses to “NYWC Nashville: Pre-thoughts”

  1. Shawn Michael Shoup Avatar

    Great post, Adam! I’ve been too busy to write a pre-convention post of any kind myself so I’m looking forward to this weekend for a couple of reasons:

    1) no work, and
    2) everything else!

    Whew! It seems like NYWC always comes at the right time for me. So glad it’s coming this week!

  2. Tim Avatar

    That’s cool that you get to go to all 3. A little jealous here. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I need to spend some time on this one and catch up here. Later Adam.

    @Shawn, I felt the same way headed to Pittsburgh and was looking forward to be refreshed and encouraged a little bit. But I honestly was blown away by the speakers this year. That general session line up was the best I’ve heard at NYWC. Also loved Tom Sine’s seminar. Enjoy.

  3. Gina Avatar

    I can’t wait. I think it’s the biggest one because the David Crowder band is there. He wasn’t in Sacramento so this California girl is going to Nashville.

  4. jeremy zach Avatar

    i expect another great videopodcast. 🙂

  5. Andy Thompson Avatar

    I’m stoked too, dude. See you tomorrow!

  6. Todd Porter Avatar

    It wasn’t my fault that you got such a little amount of sleep in Pittsburgh. 🙂

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