What a difference a letter makes

One of the many funny things that happened in Nashville occurred Sunday night during our general session. As our bloggers are describing what our speaker, Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army, is talking about I took it upon myself to head over to twitter to share a quick insight into what I was thinking. Danielle…… Continue reading What a difference a letter makes

Quick check-in

I’m always amazed at my inability to blog from NYWC. I think it’s a combination of my insane schedule and a lack of good internet connectivity. More importantly, I feel like I don’t have much to share while in the midst of NYWC since I’m soaking it in so deeply. So here are some random…… Continue reading Quick check-in

Off the Nashville

It’s butt early, but I am freshly showered, packed, and waiting on an airport shuttle to take me to the airport. This morning I’m taking the dark flight over to Dallas for my connection. Anyway, just in case I wasn’t clear enough… my blogging will likely be convention-centric for a few days. Don’t worry, I’m…… Continue reading Off the Nashville

NYWC Nashville: Pre-thoughts

I am geeked about going to Nashville in a couple days. I know what you’re thinking, having been to Sacramento and Pittsburgh NYWC how can I possibly be excited about a 3rd one? – Oddly enough, a room full of youth workers always gets me excited. – Nashville is the “big show” on our circuit.…… Continue reading NYWC Nashville: Pre-thoughts

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