What a difference a letter makes

One of the many funny things that happened in Nashville occurred Sunday night during our general session. As our bloggers are describing what our speaker, Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army, is talking about I took it upon myself to head over to twitter to share a quick insight into what I was thinking.

Danielle Strickland is taking us to the deep end of the poo tonight.

Of course, I meant “pool” but the damage was done. It was one of those typos that you’re friends repeat often. I got “the poo” all cleaned up on twitter and the live blog, yet the joke wouldn’t die. Thankfully, everyone knew it was a typo so the poo never hit the fan… since we’re in the land of the pun.

It just goes to show you. Every letter matters when communicating. You may be trying to take people to the deep end of the pool, but miss the “L” and they’ll head straight to 7th grade science class.






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