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  • What a difference a letter makes

    One of the many funny things that happened in Nashville occurred Sunday night during our general session. As our bloggers are describing what our speaker, Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army, is talking about I took it upon myself to head over to twitter to share a quick insight into what I was thinking. Danielle…

  • John Stewart & Stephen Colbert Speak My Language

  • Sacramento Day 1

    I’m here. Being on this side of things is great. At the same time the next 24 hours are the most stressful of the 3 conventions. The live blogging kicks off at 1 PM PST. Make sure you check that out. nywc.com/live

  • Harvest U- StuMin #1

    Craig Steiner (sheesh… how many people here do I know?) Acts… what’s it all about? Adoration- engaging students w/God Community- Truth- Service- Acts 2:42- you can say a lot today… but you get in trouble when you proclaim things in the name of Jesus. One of the best ways to care for the flock is…

  • Harvest U – Session 1

    The opening session at Harvest. Awesome worship to begin. There is something special about a room full of local church leaders singing praises to God. As a sidenote, fellow Moody grad Matt Stowell led worship. It’s been several years since I’ve seen Matt. Awesome to see him doing his thing. James MacDonald: Seeking the way…

  • Live Stream of Light Force Concert

    Tonight if the night. We’ve got the Jimmy Savage Band and Nowhere Found. The show starts at 7:00 PM EST. Live broadcast will kick off about 6:45 PM. UPDATE: Here’s the video from the event.