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  • Should I friend my youth group students on social media?

    Should I friend my youth group students on social media?

    From a Pew Internet focus group: Friending teachers and preachers Female (age 14): “I think I wouldn’t [become Facebook friends with my teachers]. Just because I’m such a different person online. I’m more free. And obviously, I care about certain things, but I’m going to post what I want. I wouldn’t necessarily post anything bad […]

  • Dear Church, You Can’t Buy Followers

    There are dozens of services online that let people buy followers. Prices start at about $15-$20 per thousand, with bulk orders costing less – 50,000 followers will typically run less than $500. Those followers, though, are often dummy accounts run by computers, some in a very obvious way, some in a more sophisticated fashion. — […]

  • 5 things you don’t have to tell me in your bio

    I look at every bio for each new follower on Twitter and friend request on Facebook. And let me tell you, there’s some pretty important stuff missing and some pretty unimportant stuff that is taking up space. Hint: Clean up your bio. People look at it. 5 Things you don’t have to tell me in […]

  • Stupid Forms of Activism

    I don’t care what color your bra is. And I really don’t care who your favorite cartoon character was as a kid. Nor do I care about a twibbon. And yet these meme‘s make their way through social media sites over and over again as if they made a lick of difference. “You just have […]

  • 5 Types of Engagement With Each Blog Post

    I’m an engagement preacher. No other stat matters in social media quite as much as engagement. Likes, Retweets, Trackbacks, Comments. These are the things that show that your content isn’t just getting read– it’s getting shared. Here are five ways each of my blog posts is engaged with. Comments (On the blog itself, on Facebook, […]

  • The internet & privacy

    Lately there has been a lot of angst about internet privacy. This came to a head when Facebook changed some privacy settings which angered some users who believed that they had a right to privacy with stuff they shared on the site. Some folks ever started a movement called QuitFacebookDay.com over it. As a person […]

  • Measuring Success in Social Media

    I laugh when I see the term, “social media expert.“ Let’s be honest. It’s an emerging field and the only thing that makes someone an expert is that they have labeled themselves as such and they read Mashable and Seth Godin. With that in mind, I’ll just point out that for the last two years […]

  • 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2010

    What’s going to be the next cool thing? Of course, I can’t predict the future. But I can see some technologies that are just on the edge of getting to the masses which I think will be game changers in 2010. All are just a price-point change away from radically changing the way we interact […]

  • Facebook Morphs Blogging Again

    Blogging, by very nature, is a fluid art. Just a few years ago I thought I was pretty slick because I could journal on my computer using Microsoft Word. Flash forward a few years, to around 2000, and I learned that I could take those Word documents and convert them to webpages. It was cumbersome […]

  • 3 Reasons Gen Y Doesn’t Get Twitter

    Great little read here from Millenial Marketing about Twitter adoption of middle adolescents. (The core group for explosive growth of Myspace and Facebook.) To summarize here points, Notre Dame marketing professor Carol Phillips suggests these 3 reasons Twitter hasn’t popped in that megamarket. 1. Twitter adds no meaningful functionality that Facebook doesn’t. (Calendar, messaging, photos, […]