3 Reasons Gen Y Doesn’t Get Twitter


Great little read here from Millenial Marketing about Twitter adoption of middle adolescents. (The core group for explosive growth of Myspace and Facebook.)

To summarize here points, Notre Dame marketing professor Carol Phillips suggests these 3 reasons Twitter hasn’t popped in that megamarket.

1. Twitter adds no meaningful functionality that Facebook doesn’t. (Calendar, messaging, photos, etc.)

2. No self-branding of personality/activities beyond a status update. Things happen so fast there is no time for friends to react to what you’re doing.

3. Millenials aren’t accustomed to making friends online. They’ve been warned against that their entire lives!

Do the middle adolescents in your life use Twitter? Why or why not?





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  1. Ben Avatar

    I have been wondering about this. The students in my church, both junior and senior highers have heard about twitter, and a couple have even signed up, made one update and that was it. I think that that the main reason for this is reason #1 on your list. Facebook has every thing that they want – no need for anything else.

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