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  • Adam’s Rules for Twitter

    You’ve seen my rules for blogging. With many people using the social media 360—  blogging, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously– I thought it would be helpful to share my Twitter rules. These guide my use of the site and I think would act as a good primer for those getting into it. Rule #1: Don’t forget […]

  • Top 5 iPhone Apps I Use

    As they say, my dock is full. Kristen and I have been iPhone users for a couple of months now. So far we love it! One unintended consequence of using iPhone is that our monthly cell phone bill actually went down. Never expected that. Like most users, I actually use the phone part of the […]

  • Twitfail: The tinkering continues

    I suppose it’s no surprise to know that I like to play with things on the internet. A few months back I bought a domain on a whim, TwitFail. I am a fan of FailBlog.org and I thought it might be fun to capture some of the stupidity that people post on Twitter or it’s […]

  • How Not to Be a Jerk

    I’ve noticed a crazy pattern. Help me understand it. Cause: A Christian leader will say or blog or tweet or Facebook something over-the-top. Hey, it happens. The way things are these days, an unfiltered moment can easily get recorded. Effect: Someone calls them on it. Maybe it’s a blog post or maybe it’s just a […]

  • 5 Reasons I Love Social Networking

    The last 12 months has seen a major shift in how people view social networking. A year ago most adults (who weren’t in youth ministry) said the word “Myspace” with a suspicious scowl. If they used it they kept it on the downlow. Now everyone has Facebook. (150 million users and growing every second; it […]

  • A Few Ways to Connect with Me

    Maybe you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level? Let’s say you come to Adam McLane’s site every day. And you’re thinking to yourself… “Adam, I dig what you have to say. What are some ways you can check out what else I do online?” Here are a few ways I suggest you […]

  • All about The Price is Right

    Here’s a random list of things I learned about my trip to The Price is Right. #1 It’s so clear that I’ve found a new tribe of people in the San Diego Tweet-up. Had a lot of fun and useful conversations who think about things I think about. #2 If you ever go to be […]

  • What a difference a letter makes

    One of the many funny things that happened in Nashville occurred Sunday night during our general session. As our bloggers are describing what our speaker, Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army, is talking about I took it upon myself to head over to twitter to share a quick insight into what I was thinking. Danielle […]

  • Is Twitter Killing Blogs?

    The youth ministry world has seen a decline in the quantity and quality of youth ministry blogs. I don’t have any research to back that statement up, but as a person who spends his life blogging the world of youth ministry I can say that I find it harder and harder to find great blog […]

  • John Stewart & Stephen Colbert Speak My Language