Top 5 iPhone Apps I Use

As they say, my dock is full. Kristen and I have been iPhone users for a couple of months now. So far we love it! One unintended consequence of using iPhone is that our monthly cell phone bill actually went down. Never expected that.

Like most users, I actually use the phone part of the iPhone very little. That said, I use the iPod and wireless device parts all day. As of right now, here are the 5 apps I use the most.

tweetieTweetie. I should clarify. Up until last night my most used app was Twitterfon. But Twitterfon was stupid and decided to drop a bunch of ads on their latest upgrade. I hate silent upgrades that dump in ads. I mean, I get it that they need revenue and all, but don’t ruin an app to do it! Anyway, Tweetie is a great Twitter app. It allows me to manage all my various accounts.

yelp-icon100x100Yelp. I already use Yelp to post quick reviews of stuff as well as read up on places I want to visit. Now when I’m on the go I can use Yelp’s community driven review sites to chose places to eat… and even find addresses to places that are hard to find. (I like stuff that’s way off the beaten path!)

mint-iphone-iconMint. Kristen and I use Mint to track all of our finances. So having a Mint iPhone app is a total bonus. This allows me to keep an eye on our accounts, spending, budget, and investments anywhere I am. If you are a an iPhone user but don’t use Mint… you should really think about checking it out. It is pretty powerful.

google-reader-iphoneGoogle Reader. Technically, I don’t think this is an app. But if you bookmark it in Safari it becomes this sweet little app on your dock. I use Google Reader all day, everyday for my job. So being able to scan through endless vanity searches, twitter searches, and of course blog posts is essential. I love being able to read, share, and comment on stuff no matter where I am. As a few friends have pointed out… they can tell when I’m on the trolley because I’m sharing a lot!

facebook-iconFacebook. What social media person wouldn’t love to have a mobile Facebook that is, in some ways, better than the web version? I love posting pictures and changing my status with my iPhone. So much less clutter.

A few people have asked me to put together a list of apps for youth ministry. Give me a few weeks and I’ll definitely be posting about that.



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6 responses to “Top 5 iPhone Apps I Use”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    What are the differences between tweetie and twitterfon?

    I currently use twitterfon, but I’d love an app that lets me post from different accounts.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Well, up until last night I loved Twitterfon. They basically operate the same way, though adding multiple accounts and being able to switch back and forth really easily. Tweetie also has a better “near me” option and makes it easier to see the full profile of people. And… it seems a lot faster than Twitterfon.

    Looking at Twitterfon’s website, they now have Twitterfon and Twitterfon Pro. It looks like the paid version offers much of the same as Tweetie and is ad free.

    I switched because of the ads. I don’t like it when apps do that without fair warning.

  3. Mike Farmer Avatar
    Mike Farmer

    Adam I use PocketMoney on my iPhone to track my finances. The author originally wrote it for the Newton. He has produced versions for the Palm as well. His iPhone app is his best yet. It will interface with any desktop app that can understand QIF.

  4. adam mclane Avatar

    @mike- that’s good info! I don’t use a desktop app for personal finances, but I’m sure those who are trickling here to read this post via Google may.

  5. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Tweetie looks good, but I’m not sure how much better it is than the new version of Twitterific. Since twitterific is free, I’m using that right now on my iPod Touch.

  6. chris nelson Avatar

    i recommend using Groups. It is currently Group 2.2.4
    I use my Gmail contacts, add smart groups in the app, and add coded notations to my students’ notes in their contact information. Group, using the smart group, will automatically collect all the students to one group that I can send emails or even better, mass text messages for ministry updates and upcoming events. If you have further questions or confused on how to set it up, please feel free to email me.

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