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  • Is Privacy Worth Worrying About?

    Is Privacy Worth Worrying About?

    This morning I had to add my debit card number into Facebook Messenger in order to receive some money someone sent me. And just for a minute I thought, “Do I really want to give my debit card number to Facebook? I mean they just had yet another data breach of nearly 267,000,000 American users […]

  • Cyberbully Action Plan

    Cyberbully Action Plan

    Last week, a fellow volunteer in our high school ministry asked me for some advice about a student in her small group who is being bullied online. Specifically, the attacks are coming from anonymous accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Ask.fm.  My friend told me that the student had already talked to the school counselor about […]

  • Should I friend my youth group students on social media?

    Should I friend my youth group students on social media?

    From a Pew Internet focus group: Friending teachers and preachers Female (age 14): “I think I wouldn’t [become Facebook friends with my teachers]. Just because I’m such a different person online. I’m more free. And obviously, I care about certain things, but I’m going to post what I want. I wouldn’t necessarily post anything bad […]

  • Social Media is Linked to Depression

    Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have linked depressive symptoms in college students to their internet usage. It’s a small study, only 216 participants over 1 month, but the correlation quantifies what other researches have hypothesized. This is the first of its kind that overlaid subjects actual internet usage and diagnostic testing. Participants were […]

  • How I Made Facebook Lovely Again

    Oh Facebook. You temptress. You instigator. You heartbreaker. You are so freaking addicting and maddening all at the same time. You define paradox for me.  Here’s what we all know: You either control Facebook or Facebook will control you. With more than 1600 virtual friends… let me be the first to admit that Facebook was […]

  • Facebook shrank the world, literally

    Some recent research using Facebook’s social graph has shown that the world’s largest social network has actually made the world about 20% smaller, socially. Some highlights from the study. There are more than 800 million active Facebook users, 50% of which log on daily. The median Facebook user has about 100 friends. If that number […]

  • If Your Phone Could Talk

    We used to say you could tell a person’s priorities by looking at his checkbook. I’d submit to you that today you can tell a person’s priorities by how he uses his phone. If your phone could talk… what would it say about you? Who is he talking to? Who is he texting? How is […]

  • Blame the Internet

    There are a lot of jerks out there empowered by the internet. Why is that? Affinity grouping vs. Geographical grouping Whereas, in the past, your social network was largely defined by geography, in the internet age your social network is self-selected. This is a double edged sword. Let’s say there is a guy on my block […]

  • 5 things you don’t have to tell me in your bio

    I look at every bio for each new follower on Twitter and friend request on Facebook. And let me tell you, there’s some pretty important stuff missing and some pretty unimportant stuff that is taking up space. Hint: Clean up your bio. People look at it. 5 Things you don’t have to tell me in […]

  • Myspace is my ex-girlfriend

    This cracked me up. I was never into Myspace the way I am into Facebook. But it goes to show you that one day Facebook will be the ex-girlfriend we lament about.