5 things you don’t have to tell me in your bio

I look at every bio for each new follower on Twitter and friend request on Facebook. And let me tell you, there’s some pretty important stuff missing and some pretty unimportant stuff that is taking up space.

Hint: Clean up your bio. People look at it.

5 Things you don’t have to tell me in your bio

  1. That you love Jesus (Show me, don’t tell me.)
  2. That you are married to your best friend, that she is smoking hot, or whatever. (Is that how you talk about all women in your life?)
  3. Your age. (I don’t care.)
  4. Anything about your children. (I’m happy you are a parent, but not really relevant at this point in our relationship.)
  5. A quote. (I’m glad you like C.S. Lewis, but is that all you want me to know about you?)

5 Things that you should be in your bio on Twitter or Facebook

  1. Your name. (Doesn’t have to be first name, last name. But if you aren’t in the witness protection program, it might as well be.)
  2. Where you live. (Not the street address, just where in the world are you?)
  3. What you do. (Occupation, employer, etc.)
  4. What you are about. (Keep is simple)
  5. Something fun. (Why would I want to follow someone who is boring?)

Who do I follow on Twitter?

I don’t have a hard and fast rule. I used to follow everyone who followed me. But that got annoying real fast. Then I followed everyone who @replied me. But that got messy, too.  In general, if a bio looks interesting and might add something, I’ll add you. But I’m also pretty ruthless about unfollowing people who are annoying.

Who do I follow on Facebook?

If you look like a real person, I’ll accept your friend request. If I am suspicious that you might be a spammer from Africa or India, I’ll check the “limited profile” button.

One thing I do, and it’s mostly for my own sanity, is that I keep my entire friend list in two categories. “Friends” and “People I haven’t met.” I don’t want anyone to really think I know 1400 people.





One response to “5 things you don’t have to tell me in your bio”

  1. Brit Windel Avatar

    Love it!

    I actually went through my facebook this last month and have gone from 2,182 to 708… i still feel thats to many 😉

    I think many of us… or at least I’ll speak for myself… find great value in how many people they are ‘networked’ with or are being ‘followed’ by others.

    I’m glad I’m your ‘friend’ Adam! At least I can buy you drinks (of diet coke) at YS and talk to you on the phone every now and then…

    PS my wife is HOT!!!!

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