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  • Top 5 iPhone Apps I Use

    As they say, my dock is full. Kristen and I have been iPhone users for a couple of months now. So far we love it! One unintended consequence of using iPhone is that our monthly cell phone bill actually went down. Never expected that. Like most users, I actually use the phone part of the […]

  • A Few Ways to Connect with Me

    Maybe you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level? Let’s say you come to Adam McLane’s site every day. And you’re thinking to yourself… “Adam, I dig what you have to say. What are some ways you can check out what else I do online?” Here are a few ways I suggest you […]

  • Converting User Names to Real Names

    It goes without saying that I’m a web dork. But I have to be honest and say even in my dorkiness I sometimes get confused on who is who. A blog may be named “Two fish with green eyes” but I know it’s Joe’s blog. And his AIM name is probably “PistolJoe” and I know […]

  • First Things First, How Most Mornings Start

    I start each day pretty much the same way. Here’s a list of things I try to do in the morning. The days of grabbing a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper are long, long gone. ¬†Download e-mail. This usually takes just a couple of seconds as almost everything I get is spam. […]

  • Googe Reader’s New Feature: Recommended Feeds

    I am a major fan of Google’s Feed Reader, Google Reader. A mini-feed lives on my iGoogle page and my many feed subscriptions make keeping up with my favorite sites a snap. Now Google Reader has a brand new feature called Top Recommendations. It takes a look at your reader history and what you subscribe […]