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  • Secret Sex

    I’ve been around Christians long enough to know that they like to talk about sex. In fact, I know enough about internet traffic to know that only one thing is more popular than a post about sex. In fact, most of you are reading this because you clicked on a link with a keyword you […]

  • Oops. A little over technology

    It seems my eagerness to spread the word about the YS podcast may have actually hurt our distribution a little. I think the right word is “counterproductive.” With the new format for the podcast I thought it would be helpful to cross-publish it a few places. So you may have seen it pop up on […]

  • Travels with Stoney: The Prelude

    The trip begins in just two hours. Everyone is still asleep at my in-laws house but I’m wide awake. Go figure. There are a couple pre-trip things I thought were worth mentioning. #1 Travels with Charlie. If you’ve never read the Steinbeck book which this trip is named after you should check it out. Travels […]

  • What am I working on?

    Here’s a quick rundown of the things I’m up to over at YS. #1 I post regularly at the new YS blog.  Here are 3 posts you should check out. Big vision for Cabot. Youth Workers Who Twitter. Carrie Clausen and Her Youth Group. I’m loving the blog. It’s really a fun way to connect […]

  • How do you use Twitter?

    How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo. Question: Does it make me a complete dork that I know someone in the video? I don’t think so. I think twitter is very pop culture. Wanna be pop culture with me? Follow me.

  • Converting User Names to Real Names

    It goes without saying that I’m a web dork. But I have to be honest and say even in my dorkiness I sometimes get confused on who is who. A blog may be named “Two fish with green eyes” but I know it’s Joe’s blog. And his AIM name is probably “PistolJoe” and I know […]

  • 7 ways you can connect with me

    One of the reasons I blog is to stayed plugged in with the people in my life. So I thought it would be good to point you to the right sidebar and walk you through 7 ways you can connect with me. About me. Head over to this link to learn what I do, why […]

  • Plus 4 on Twitter

    Like a lot of people, I’ve gotten used to the quirkiness that is Twitter. (what is twitter?) It’s kind of cool to connect with people in 140 characters or less. Follow me. One measurement tool that I use when looking at someone who wants me to follow them is their ratio between followers and following. […]

  • Twitter takes off in Youth Ministry

    In the last two weeks Twitter has gotten extremely popular among Youth Ministry people. The two biggest Youth Ministry companies, Youth Specialties and Simply Youth Ministry put their Twitter accounts in this weeks newsletter. (YMX was ahead of them by a couple months on this one!) And it seems like every youth pastor around is […]

  • Twitter in Plain English

    This does a way better job than I could to explain what Twitter is and how it works. Let me invite you to follow me on twitter.