What am I working on?

Here’s a quick rundown of the things I’m up to over at YS.

#1 I post regularly at the new YS blog.  Here are 3 posts you should check out. Big vision for Cabot. Youth Workers Who Twitter. Carrie Clausen and Her Youth Group. I’m loving the blog. It’s really a fun way to connect people together.

#2 The big 3 of social networking. I spend some time each day talking with people on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. If you want to friend us, follow us, or join our group just click on the links. 

#3 Custom social networks for our events. This is very unique to YS. We’ve created full-blown custom social networks for people coming to our flagship event, National Youth Workers Convention. Here’s the one for folks headed to Sacramento in October. So far there are a total of seven websites associated with NYWC this fall. I’m helping the YS convention get web-o-riffic in a hurry. 

#4 Relaunching the podcast. Starting very soon is a brand new format to the YS podcast. I’ll bring some of the flavor of the YMX podcast to YS as well as some other cool features. Keep an eye on this page. We’ve got the first few episodes ready to go… great content in the new format!

#5 YMX stuff. Since YS purchased YMX back in June things have changed only slightly. Seriously, I think the only thing that got changed was the privacy policy and about us pages. The first change is coming soon as YMX will host the next generation of the website, YM Women. There will be a special section of the website dedicated to women in youth ministry. I think this is a cool compliment to the HERstory conference that meets at NYWC. Looking forward to YMX going to “generation two” of its existence.

#6 Experimental stuff. Just think of my office as Area 51 for YS. OK, not really. But I’m always playing with new ideas and seeing what will work or not work on the social media front. When I first started I talked to the internet team about “Adam’s sandbox.” I said, “Just give me some place I can create things, try out things, play with ideas and strategies, and basically do things with no fear of failure.” So I’ve got room to do that! I love knowing that everything I try has to be safe enough to succeed. Think of a lot of what I do as Google Labs. Some experiments make it past beta testing and some don’t. 

What about you? What are you up to at the job these days?


4 responses to “What am I working on?”

  1. Matthew McNutt Avatar

    I’m looking forward to the YS podcast – I’ve missed it! Is it going to be once a month again, or are you guys in creasing the frequency (which would be GREAT)?

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    The plan is to do it weekly. Yeah, not much about the podcast is the same as before.

  3. Matthew McNutt Avatar

    Nice! I love the weekly plan. : ) And I’m cool with some change; I always liked it, but it wasn’t where it could be. Podcasting is such a great way to get YS out there, and being one of the best youth ministry resources you guys need to have that kind of voice. : )

  4. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Dude, I’m working on a lot.

    — YM Mentorship program
    — Youth group website templates
    — Being trained by my friend and radio guru, Bill Scott, about how to have a better and more professional “radio presence” on my site’s weekly LIVE YM Conversations.
    — Exploring different community features for my site.
    — Recruiting about 27 new adult leaders for our youth ministry this fall.
    — Going through lots of interviews and child-safety screenings for the new volunteers.
    — Researching new website companies for our church. Making my recommendation at a meeting tomorrow.
    — Organizing new format changes and youth leadership responsibilities for the fall.
    — Loving on my wife.
    — Staying in the Word.


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