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  • Behind the Scenes on this Year’s Top 20 List

    Today I published the YS list of top 20 bloggers in youth ministry. It’s the second year for publishing it (third year I’ve done it) and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I thought it’d be cool to pass along some notes from the process: Overall, there was exceptional growth this year. In […]

  • Happy 7th Birthday, adammclane.com!

    On May 25th, 2004 I wrote a post called, “Why am I starting this?” Perhaps many people start a blog because they are trying to prove to the world just how smart they are? Perhaps others do it so they can feel like someone is listening to them? Perhaps others do it as a way […]

  • What is my blog all about?

    With the influx of new readers and subscribers, (RSS & email) I thought it was good to do a little reset. Why do I blog? What do I blog about? How do I go about blogging? These are the questions I answer in the video above.

  • How to repost a blog post with style and grace

    Since I first wrote about people stealing my content last November, “How to blog, write, and speak with integrity” I’ve gotten lots of contacts asking me how to properly repost or cite blog posts, web articles, and news stories. Here are some tips for reposting internet content with style and grace. Never repost an entire […]

  • Reminder: Back-up your blog

    This morning I woke up and my blog was down. With more than 6 years of content here that is scary. It was a healthy reminder to me that it was time to back-up my blog. (After fixing some corrupt tables) This is your reminder: If you haven’t backed-up your self-hosted WordPress blog lately, you […]

  • Blog economics of hate

    The easiest way to draw traffic to your site all you have to do is hate on people. My definition of flaming content online: To bad mouth purely for the sake of creating traffic, link baiting, retweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise bad-mouthing a person, organization, company, or news item for a purely selfish reason. (Read here […]

  • Rules for Blog Comments

    Quick synopsis: I reserve the right to edit your comments if they contain foul language. I welcome all comments and all types of comments. You may use a pseudo-name so your “real name” isn’t publicly visible. But you must use your real email address so I can follow-up with you. You are welcome to use […]

  • The state of youth ministry blogs

    It’s been a couple of months since I published my list of Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs at the YS Blog. And for the most part the list did what I was hoping it would do. People took notice that YS had taken notice of blogs enough to rank them. And the net effect has […]

  • Kristen is Blogging Again

    Yup, Kristen has got her blog going again. I know she plans on talking more about our families shift to an organic lifestyle, gardening, shell hunting, and fun stuff for our kids. Kristen was a pretty successful mom-blogger when that fad was hot. She got burnt out with all the free product people sent us […]

  • A few blog updates

    Most people read my blog via RSS or Facebook these days. (Roughly 50%) So if you are one of those people you won’t notice a few of these changes to my blog. Here’s a few updates, nothing death defying. Added an FAQ and Free Downloads page under the “About me” tab. I love that people […]