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  • Blogging Etiquette

    The last two years has brought a dramatic shift on the axis of the blogging community. With the wide adoption of social media consumption there are a lot fewer daily bloggers and a lot more micro-bloggers. The net result is a world full of newbies posting things online. With this huge shift comes a need […]

  • Encourage One Another

  • Facebook Morphs Blogging Again

    Blogging, by very nature, is a fluid art. Just a few years ago I thought I was pretty slick because I could journal on my computer using Microsoft Word. Flash forward a few years, to around 2000, and I learned that I could take those Word documents and convert them to webpages. It was cumbersome […]

  • How Not to Be a Jerk

    I’ve noticed a crazy pattern. Help me understand it. Cause: A Christian leader will say or blog or tweet or Facebook something over-the-top. Hey, it happens. The way things are these days, an unfiltered moment can easily get recorded. Effect: Someone calls them on it. Maybe it’s a blog post or maybe it’s just a […]

  • Is Twitter Killing Blogs?

    The youth ministry world has seen a decline in the quantity and quality of youth ministry blogs. I don’t have any research to back that statement up, but as a person who spends his life blogging the world of youth ministry I can say that I find it harder and harder to find great blog […]

  • Off to Pittsburgh

    As I write this I am in the San Diego airport on my way to my second NYWC as a YS staffer. It’s still pretty cool! Yes, I am going to NYWC as a YS staff person… how cool is that? Yes, the travel away from family end of things stinks… but I still count […]

  • My blog ate my posts!

    Super quick note regarding missing posts. I don’t know what happened. They were there this morning, lots and lots of comments. Tonight I saw they were gone. I was able to report them just now… they were all back dated a bit to try to get them in the right place. As for the comments, […]

  • YS Video Podcast

    Here’s a project that I help lead. We just launched our new weekly podcast at YS. I know the majority of my blog readers are not youth workers… so this may give you a tiny insight into my new gig. Also check out the YS Blog. I help put that together as well.

  • What am I working on?

    Here’s a quick rundown of the things I’m up to over at YS. #1 I post regularly at the new YS blog.  Here are 3 posts you should check out. Big vision for Cabot. Youth Workers Who Twitter. Carrie Clausen and Her Youth Group. I’m loving the blog. It’s really a fun way to connect […]

  • Top Five Posts of July

    #1 Goodbye Creepy Guy (here’s why) #2 Shutting Down Missingmoney.com #3 3 Lies of Church Growth Experts #4 $200 Asterisk for the iPhone 3G #5 Vision, Goal, and Mission Statements The power of google. That’s why most of those top 5 are there. People are searching for something that brings them here…. welcome! And it’s […]