A few blog updates

Most people read my blog via RSS or Facebook these days. (Roughly 50%) So if you are one of those people you won’t notice a few of these changes to my blog. Here’s a few updates, nothing death defying.

  1. Added an FAQ and Free Downloads page under the “About me” tab. I love that people are using my contact page more and more. But I thought I’d just put the most obvious stuff there.
  2. Swapped out the Feedburner email form for a better looking daily email from Mailchimp. Here’s a look at the archive. If you want to switch, simply opt out of the Feedburner email next time it comes and fill out the form in the right sidebar.
  3. Also new to the sidebar, I’m feeding my Delicious account. So if you want to see what I’m bookmarking in the adolescent research and youth ministry categories, that’s right there.
  4. It seems like people have figured out all of the Twitter and Facebook sharing, liking, and retweeting stuff at the bottom of every post. Thanks for that.
  5. A few people have emailed that they missed the monster. I’ve taken note of that, so you’ve been seeing him appear in some more content lately.

I’m always adding and playing with stuff on my blog. This is kind of my test site for all the other sites I manage. So if something looks funky from time-to-time, now you know why.





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  1. Dave Luke Avatar

    Someone misses THAT monster????????

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