What am I working on?

Here’s a quick rundown of the things I’m up to over at YS. #1 I post regularly at the new YS blog.  Here are 3 posts you should check out. Big vision for Cabot. Youth Workers Who Twitter. Carrie Clausen and Her Youth Group. I’m loving the blog. It’s really a fun way to connect…… Continue reading What am I working on?

You Matter to Your Schools

This was just posted over at Youth Ministry Exchange. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s a thought that will blow your mind. The God of the Universe chose you to help him build the church in your town. Here’s another thought to give you some perspective. The God of the Universe has an enemy, Satan, whose deepest…… Continue reading You Matter to Your Schools

3 Teen Pregnancy Resources

Every once in a while we get a great string of synergy at Youth Ministry Exchange and we really hit it out of the ballpark with solid resources. Today we released 3 different resources on teen pregnancy. Life After Birth (bible study for new moms) What Juno Didn’t Tell You What Does Juno Teach Us…… Continue reading 3 Teen Pregnancy Resources

The YMX blog

For a few weeks now (eternity in my library of ideas) Patti and I have talked about having a YMX blog so that our blogs weren’t quite so clogged up with stuff about the company and/or youth ministry stuff for others. It’s not that we don’t love youth ministry or youth workers coming to our…… Continue reading The YMX blog

You Matter

Yesterday we kicked off a series of articles at YMX. Let me tell you why I’m excited about this series. It is practical, between the eyes, encouragement to youth workers. One of the main goals of YMX is to be an encouragement to the Youth Ministry community. So I have been asking our forum moderators…… Continue reading You Matter