3 Teen Pregnancy Resources

Time Magazine Teen PregnancyEvery once in a while we get a great string of synergy at Youth Ministry Exchange and we really hit it out of the ballpark with solid resources.

Today we released 3 different resources on teen pregnancy.

Big props to Amy for putting all this together. She’s mucho good at what she does.

I am continually in awe of what God is doing with YMX. The other day I had the opportunity to talk to a “real publisher” about YMX and publishing and starting a business and all kinds of things. As I look back at the quality of things that we are able to produce with no money, no staff, no offices, and no backing from a major publishing house… it is clearly a God-ordained movement. It really is youth ministry people encouraging and uplifting one another and sometimes I sit back and just go… whoa, this is cool.


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  1. Amy Avatar

    Awww, shucks! Thanks! Everyone can be on the look-out for a blog on the YMX blog later this week discussing how Juno & Jamie Lynne Spears related (or don’t relate) to one another.

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