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  • Thank You, YMX

    Yesterday, we we went public with a decision to end Youth Ministry Exchange after about 5 years. For the last couple of years it has been trickling and trickling… and so we figured, “Why not just have a celebration of life and let it pass now instead of letting it go from 200 members per […]

  • Best of 2005

    Note: I’m on vacation this week. My family has a rule for daddy– It’s not a vacation if daddy brings a computer. Each day this week I’m highlighting my favorite post from the archives. These are oldies but goodies. Check Out YMX! Hey, a buddy of mine and I launched a website lately for […]

  • Youth Worker Book of Hope

    Back in January 2008 I was asked to participate in something out of character. Tim Baker, a well-established youth ministry author, emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in submitting a chapter to a book he was working on. My first few reactions were simple… – I don’t want to write a book. (Kind […]

  • My new column at YMX

    In December I was looking for some column ideas for a new weekly thing I’m doing for Youth Ministry Exchange. After a ton of discussion, brainstorming, and banging our head against the wall, Patti and I settled on the idea that I would write a weekly column called, Be Strong. So far, I’m pretty happy […]

  • Weekly Column Ideas

    Over at Youth Ministry Exchange I’m going to be starting a weekly column. The question is, what should I write about? I don’t think it should be just general youth ministry stuff. Let’s face the fact that right now I don’t have a lot of up-to-the-moment experience that is going to be useful. For a […]

  • The next few weeks

    My fall travel season has arrived. When I took my job at YS I knew that this time of year would happen. In fact, one of the reasons why there are some really soft times in my year-round schedule is to make up for this time of year. Here’s the rundown, pray for Kristen and […]

  • Goodnight Gospelcom Alliance

    I was pretty excited to have Youth Ministry Exchange join the GCI Alliance back in 2006. In fact, we made a big deal about telling people with over 100 guesses as to what the big surprise was all about. I sensed in the last few months things weren’t going well… staff leaving for other places […]

  • We’ve landed

    Yesterday Megan and I made it to San Diego with about an hour to spare. Our plan worked out perfectly! We were able to drop off all the stuff from the car at the new house just in time to head to the airport and pick up Kristen, Paul, and Lovely as they arrived from […]

  • YMX Acquired by YS

    Today, at 4:47 PM EST it was official. My mouth has been shut for weeks since I couldn’t talk to anyone outside of my family about the deal with YS. But it is now done and I couldn’t be happier. YMX partnering with YS is, in my opinion, the perfect place for YMX to fit […]

  • Skypecast at 2:00 PM

    I know this may come too late for many of my readers. But you are invited to come and watch/participate in Tim’s skypecast with me. Click here to go there.