My 10 Favorite Films

I got tagged on this one by Chris. I love movies and have eclectic taste so this ought to be a  good time. In no particular order here are my favorite 10 movies. The Godfather, part I – Shear brilliance. A real family film if you know what I mean. I’ve seen it about 15…… Continue reading My 10 Favorite Films

2 Quick Movie Reviews

A couple months back Kristen won a subscription to NetFlix. Since then, we’ve been catching up on our movies. Here are two quick reviews of movies we’ve watched in the last 48 hours. Man of the Year. Any movie with Robin Williams is going to be funny. Robins plays Tom Dobbs, a late night talk…… Continue reading 2 Quick Movie Reviews

3 Teen Pregnancy Resources

Every once in a while we get a great string of synergy at Youth Ministry Exchange and we really hit it out of the ballpark with solid resources. Today we released 3 different resources on teen pregnancy. Life After Birth (bible study for new moms) What Juno Didn’t Tell You What Does Juno Teach Us…… Continue reading 3 Teen Pregnancy Resources

What does it mean to love someone no matter what?

Our adult small groups are wrestling their way through the beatitudes. It’s an interesting study because so much of it hits me between the eyes. I’ll tell you one thing I struggle with as a pastor. I fight to not become self-righteous. Here’s what I mean. In my area of ministry expectations are a killer.…… Continue reading What does it mean to love someone no matter what?