Caught between two religions

If you are a fan of storytelling, and chances are good that you are, you need to subscribe to the Moth podcast. The Moth is a non-profit organization dedicated to the art of live storytelling. They put on live storytelling events where members of the audience get a few minutes to tell a story, live…… Continue reading Caught between two religions

College Ministry 101

Today, I am driving up to Los Angeles to meet with fellow YS blogger and YS author, Chuck Bomar. Chuck’s new book, College Ministry 101, is an important read for the church today. While church leaders have known of a significant drop-off of kids from high school into college few church are doing anything serious…… Continue reading College Ministry 101

Spike that weekend football

Sometimes good weekends come unexpectedly. This past weekend was one of them. Coming into the weekend was cool because I am finally feeling good about my Monday-Friday workload. The first few weeks after YS’s re-organization I just had a hard time relaxing. There was so much to do! (Or so it felt) A lot of…… Continue reading Spike that weekend football

Episode 023 Backstory

I have to tell you, I’m especially excited about this week’s podcast. Every episode is fun to work on… but this one uses two segment that were especially meaningful to me. The tip is from Kerry Loescher. She’s not someone I had ever met before and since she isn’t a published author… I hadn’t heard…… Continue reading Episode 023 Backstory