Episode 023 Backstory

I have to tell you, I’m especially excited about this week’s podcast. Every episode is fun to work on… but this one uses two segment that were especially meaningful to me. The tip is from Kerry Loescher. She’s not someone I had ever met before and since she isn’t a published author… I hadn’t heard of her. She is a youth ministry prof at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. Before the shoot she had a great chat. Even after the shoot, the chatting continued and I was really happy to see her around the convention center the rest of the weekend. I love how she leads you into this simple tip with a compelling story. Great communication! A few weeks later I shot this piece with Danielle Strickland. (She’s the social justice director for Salvation Army Australia) I had heard some really cool stuff about her so I had a feeling the piece would turn out good. What I wasn’t prepared for was how easy she was to talk to. In her eyes I wasn’t just some dude with a camera to bother her on a very busy day. (This was about 2 hours before her general session talk) She had carefully arranged the meet-up time, then apologized for being ready early, (which NEVER happens) and was extraordinarily kind through the whole thing. Then, when she started to teach I found myself captivated. By this time, I had shot dozens of these segments at the conventions. But for whatever reason I was really into it. And she really challenged my heart with this devo. When the shoot was done I felt a little awkward… like stunned to silence as contemplated it and let it soak in. I looked over at Cathy (my co-worker who was with me) and she had the same look I did. It was quite a moment when I realized that I wasn’t just shooting a devo for a podcast. My heart had been ministered to as well.

The only other side note on this episode worth sharing has to do with the timing of my segments. In order to get the show to appear on YouTube, we need to get it as close to 10 minutes as possible. We knew Danielle’s segment was longish for what we normally do… which was fine because Kerry’s was shortish. All that to say… Ian and I were rushing to fit my intro, segway, and outro in as fast as possible. Never fear, we have something fun planned for next week’s show!






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